Bolt Fasteners Co. In today's international competition market , Our first goals are ;

  • To provide unconditional satisfaction and trust of our customers.
  • To produce faultless products.
  • To produce right on time.
  • To ensure the development of our suppliers.
  • To respect nature and the environment.

To implement the IATF 16949 Quality Management System efficiently and consistently at all levels of our organization in order to meet the demands of our customers and being developed all the time.

In line with this goal, we are determined to prepare the necessary environments for the establishment of quality awareness and to continuously improve the education and training of the employees.

"Bolt Quality", BOLT CO. In line with the quality policy, the support provided by the top management to the quality department is that all employees provided all necessary contributions for quality production. According to the desired criteria, products are produced with "Bolt Quality" In all processes from raw material entry to shipment. Products are inspected by quality control. If faulty product detected with our 100% sorting devices the shipment is prevented.

In order to increase the awareness in quality, our employees are provided with training opportunities. Adaptation to evolving and changing conditions are ensured immediately. Our problem solving groups, created under the leadership of the quality department. In addition to this, very useful results are obtained with the suggestion system implemented in our company, and those who give suggestions are rewarded with various gifts.

In our quality department, national and international standards related to our production area are followed-up and changes are implemented as soon as possible, as well as product controls. Accredited laboratories are also periodically calibrated within a certain plan to be able make accurate and error-free measurements.

Quality Certificates

We have been awarded many quality certificates and awards with the sensitivity we show regarding quality systems!


IATF 16949


OHSAS 18001


ISO 14001