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BOLT was founded in 1986 in Istanbul. It currently operates in 7500 m2 production site which has 5500m2 indoor space in Bursa Çalı Industrial area since 1993.

In 1998, our company made great stride in developing quality and service by buying 3 stations press. With this progress, we started our quality certification process. We are awarded ISO 9002, ISO 9001-2000, ISO-TS 16949 and ISO 14001. Our philosophy is being a global competitor accordingly with our vision and mission. For this aim, we always participate domestic and global expositions with our quality certified products. we are now able to produce special products which requires special design and experience with 5 and 6 station cold forging presses.


We also established a laboratory after adding these special products to our portfolio. Our laboratory is equipped with technical devices which can conduct quality control activities for these special products.

Concordantly with our investments, we have;

1 Zwick/Roell 250 kN capacity tension test device

1 Arun spectral analysis device,

1 Zwick/Roell Digital Rokwell device,

1 Nikon 1000x zooming Microscope in our laboratory.


Our company has 7000 tones annual production capacity and we can conduct all production quality controls in our own. Accordingly with our zero defect policy, lately we have bought 2 new machines which is able to do %100 selection and control. Our priority target is being main supplier for automotive key industry. Furthermore, we have already been actively working with major companies companies from furniture, white goods and construction industries. We also work with domestic and international major companies. we export %30 of our production to European (Germany, France, England, Holland, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria) organisation companies which work with automotive companies which work with Kanban system.