Our Sectoral and Social Services

While growing our goals, quality and capacity, we work with a sense of responsibility; We also aim to add value to our employees, consumers, customers, society, environment, economy and youth.

We attach importance to realizing social projects that will benefit the world we live in for our industry and society with our work we do and plan in this direction.

We have been advancing with the principle of sustainability and stability in our sector for 33 years, and we contribute to the national economy with our investments.

While we offer our consumers easily accessible high quality products all over the world at affordable prices, we provide the best service to our customers in line with their needs.

We provide professional consultancy and training services to our users operating in the sectors we work in.

In corporate social responsibility projects, we prioritize the development of young people in line with their abilities. We support it with our projects involving culture, arts, education and sports that will contribute to the development of the society.


Supporting Projects for Technical Universities

We care about the future success of our young people studying in engineering faculties by putting their theoretical education into practice. We share the privilege of producing and creating with our youth. We support young minds in every way with our sponsorships on various subjects, internships and job opportunities that we provide to our students.

Supporting Cultural and Sports Activities

Bolt A.S. believes that cultural and sports activities are uniting at all levels of society, therefore it stands by our clubs by providing support only to local sports clubs.