Molding Line

BOLT Fasteners co. Every designed product by the Method-Engineering department within the R&D department is coded into its own mold and is delivered to the molding department in the form of an array.


Approximately 2000 different standard bolts and 28.000 molds of special parts, which are produced in our company, are followed up with a special coding system in the molding department. Each of the bolt molds that come to our company are stored on the shelves defined in the system by applying square barcode with laser marking device.

The molds belonging to the product in the production program are given to the production by reading the barcode on the mold by the staff of the molding room. Also, honing, polishing and cleaning processes are made on the molds received from the production department and they are moved to their defined shelves. In this way, mold stock status can be tracked without any problem.